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That’s the road…? Moped Off-Roading

It all started when Oscar was shown pictures of the North of the Island from other tourists who had done the small trip.  I, however, had not seen the pictures…I think if I had, we wouldn’t have made the trip!  But at the end of the day it was an adventure neither one of us will ever forget.

The trip up north started out smooth but as you can see it hit some bumpy patches as we continued on in our journey.  Our plan was to drive North through the National Park and then follow the Eastern coastline back south to finally have lunch at our favorite seafood restaurant.  Sounded like a nice plan.  I had no idea we would be confronted with kinds of “roads” adding to the fact that it had rained the day before.  However, the trip started out pleasantly and “smoothly”…I mean that both literally and figuratively.

Nice paved  roads.

It was a really humid day but the forest around us only smelled better for it!  The all of the sudden the road became this.

Along this road we did find a small sanctuary that is rented out by the day for picnics by the local Vietnamese.  I kept thinking about my own family and wishing I could spend a day with them here.

There was even multiple hammocks for our beloved siestas, which my Spaniard took full advantage of.


After an iced tea, Coca-cola, and a very sour green mango we were off again.  Little did I know what we would be up against for the following hour.

We began to descend the coastline on the typical red gravel road, which then turned into a sandy trail and eventually turned

into this……………..

We asked the drivers ahead of us if this was the right way and if there was any other way….there wasn’t and Oscar couldn’t have been more thrilled.  He later confessed that he had seen photos of these local roads.  What neither of us realized was what one day worth of rain could do to these makeshift roads.  Let’s begin the 45 minute adventure, shall we.

Our unofficial tour guides frequently looked back at us to make sure we were keeping up.  It really helped watching them maneuver the bumps and ridges first.  Oscar was watching their every move and we made it through the obstacle course all in one piece!  But we definitely had our moments…

These photos are still-shots taken from the videos I was shooting while we bumped along.  It would have been impossible otherwise.  As you can see by my expression below.

Oh my, the videos of this particular island excursion are PRICELESS.  I will agree to show them to a select few but I’ll first make sure they don’t easily get motion sickness!

That was definitely intense and surely tested Oscar’s Moped off-roading!!!  We were very grateful for the nice Vietnamese men who waited for us and continued to guide us through the paths of least resistance.  They were heaven sent!  After that adrenaline rush we finally arrived at our Favorite Seafood Restaurant on the island.  I have no idea what its name is but it is located right off the pier that the ferry leaves from everyday.

We decided to order what we like best, even though they are known for their crab (that’s a lot of work!)  We ordered 1/2 a kilo of King Prawns fried in garlic and sea salt and 1/2 a kilo of prawns grilled in Tamarind.  Here’s a closer look at our lunch!!

King Prawns


Along with a couple Singaporean Tiger Beers and a little steamed rice, we were in Seafood Heaven!!! I know I will have dreams about this place!!

It was hard to even hold a conversation with the beautiful Shrimp on the table.  We would look up every once and a while just to smile back at one another.  Here, Oscar captured one of the few moments!


After our lunch we decided to take a ride out on the long cement dock and see what they were unloading.  Along the way we got to see the most beautiful jellyfish, they were about the size of my hand with blue and purple tentacles.

In this shot you can see how far out we were.  It was interesting to see how the two mopeds overbrimming with supplies passed each other, it was like watching a choreographed dance.

We couldn’t get close enough to exactly see what they were so busily unloading but it was fun to watch!

The fishing boats on this island are my favorite subject to photograph they each seem to have their own personalities and the colors just steal my heart.

I was so happy we made it home just in time for a walk on the beach.  The sunset was the perfect closing to a terrifying yet amazing day on the island!


Just to leave you with a shot of the more action-filled part of the day.  B-U-M-P-Y!!!!!!