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If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain…

Sunny Phu Quoc has us running for sunscreen.  Normally I am dying to get out in the sun and catch as many rays while I can.  But it’s different when you think about 30 days in the sun.  So our first night we rented a little moped and set out looking for some SPF.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Our 8:00 a.m. flight from Da Nang to HCMC went smoothly and our short stay in former Saigon was nice and brief.  Too much city, too much chaos, too much!  We then boarded a small plane that took us the 35 minutes to paradise.


This is more like it!  Caked in Sunscreen we’ve spent lazy mornings at a private beach at the 5 star resort down the road from us.  I don’t know how we’ll ever go back to civilization after a month here?  Phu Quoc is slowly growing with a handful of resorts and the majority of the island is protected as a national park.

Today we went on an impromptu field trip exploring what was further than the row of 5 Star Resorts.  Well, the paved road ends.  That didn’t stop us.  It went from loose gravel to a deep burnt red compacted dirt.  I held on tight as Oscar warned me about the big dips but it was a bumpy ride.  It was a breathtaking trip.  While trucks sped past we would breath in and hold it while the dust settled.  We drove past tiny fishing villages and slowed for the proud roosters that decided to walk on the road.  We also did stop for the cows that crossed at their leisure.  I would say that they enjoy better views than most of us.

Look at all this ocean front land!!Look at all this ocean front land!!!

After our journey down the road we realized that we were in need of hydration so we stopped at one of the many resorts for quick dip in the sea and a Vietnamese coffee = french pressed ground coffee + a small cup of sweetened condensed milk + a glass with ice.  I love them but it’s too sweet for Oscar.

For dinner tonight we decided to venture off to the local night market for a share of the WONDERFUL  seafood this island has to offer.  We were not disappointed we order four skewers of king prawns to accompany our crab meat fried rice.  I jumped at the chance to drink straight from a huge coconut and Oscar tried a bottle of the local beer, Tiger. Oh yes, and our bill came out to 201,000 Dong = 7.25 EUR.

Take a look at how fresh this all is!

We’ve already  picked out our dinner for tomorrow night.  A fillet of pink tuna and white rice to share.  I am so excited about all this seafood to discover.

Our fist sunset was also spectacular.  We joined the locals on their beach for sugar-cane juice on two lawn chairs watching the sun drop into the Gulf of Thailand.


We feel really lucky to have discovered this diamond in the rough.  I figure it will be fully developed with a lot less roaming happy cows in about 10 years.

Two weeks ago we didn’t even know this island existed…now we’re calling it home for the next four weeks.

I’ll take it.